Car Loan Calgary

Do you qualify for a Car Loan in Calgary?

In order to qualify for a Car Loan you must be at least 18 years old and you earn at least $1500 before taxes. Your exact interest rate and vehicle options will depend on your credit score and income.

Our finance experts have helped many people in many different credit situations:

  • car loan applicationGood credit
  • Bad credit
  • New credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • New Immigrants
  • Divorcees
  • Slow Credit

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Bad credit is curable at Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales, where we provide competitive car financing rates and credit rebuilding options for all of our customers. Many people don’t know that car financing can be one of the fastest ways to re-establish your credit rating, or to pull yourself out of the no-credit catch 22 (having no credit, but needing a loan to establish your credit rating).